Share assets with a partner in Facebook Business Manager

Adding a partner and sharing bussines assets with them through Meta Business Manager

  1. Log in to your Business Manager,
  2. Navigate to ‘Business Settings’ located down, in the left-hand menu.
  3. Select ‘Partners’ from the left sidebar, under Users.Select partners from left side
  4. Click on ‘Add’ and select ‘Give a partner access to your assets’ from the dropdown menu.Add -> Give a partner acces to your assets
  5. Enter the Partner Business ID: 504561979730028 (XYZ Busines Manager ID) and click ‘Next’.
  6. Share Assets: After adding, from the left side of the pop up share the required assets like the Facebook page and Instagram account. For Facebook page, by selecting Pages -> Your Page Name -> Full Control, and for Instagram, Instagram Accounts -> Your Account -> All checkboxes.

    Facebook Page

    Instagram Account

  7. Click ‘Save Changes’.